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Product Development

"Begin with the end in mind" as one current business guru states. In bringing a new product to market, that means design the product with a detailed plan for the technology to manufacture it. We are uniquely qualified to design the manufacturing process into the product features and material selection

We have experience in leading product design efforts to ensure manufacturability. Past products range from metal/plastic cartridge assemblies, to microelectronics, to consumer goods packaging.

We have front line experience in equipment design, equipment selection, installation, start-up and production. We have graduated from the school of "hard knocks" and are prepared to apply those lessons to your product design.

Let us design Manufacturing Solutions into your product with these services:

Component Selection & Design

  • Material Selection

  • Commercially available components
  • Molded and thermoformed plastic parts
  • Stamped and machined metal parts
  • Cartons, pouches, trays and shippers

Design for Assembly

  • Fastening/closure methods

  • Tooling access
  • Part count reduction
  • Automatable pack patterns

Product/Process Development

Breakthrough products require breakthroughs in the manufacturing process. "Simultaneous Engineering" is a term that has been used to describe this critical interactive development activity. We've done it successfully and can do it for you.





Technology on Target

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