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Flowtech Pouch Feeder

Packaging lines that must feed pliable or odd shaped components have not been optimized in the past because there has not been means to de-couple operations and buffer components in a way that is efficient and not labor intensive. Now there is. The photos below will give you an overview of the machine. Click here for a (high speed connection) video of the system that will provide a much clearer understanding of how the machine performs and what it can do for your operations (click here if you are connected by modem).

The Flowtech pouch feeder is ideal for:
  • Meal kits

  • Variety packs
  • Co-pack operations
  • Off site manufacture of pouched components
  • Isolating secondary packaging from sanitary areas
  • Introduction of premiums
  • Flexible work cell line design

The Flowtech pouch feeder provides the following functions:

  • Receives product in bulk from tote dumper, upstream operation or manual feed;

  • Buffers product in the hopper (as shown) holds 50 cubic feet of product;
  • Gently spreads the product to a stream approximately 1 pouch deep by 1 pouch wide;
  • Singulates the pouches;
  • Orients the pouches to run with the long dimension parallel to the direction of flow;
  • Inspection and sortation can be performed if your product features require specific graphic orientation or removal of damaged product;
  • Corrects the pitch of the pouches by increasing or decreasing the gap between pouches;
  • Synchronizes the feeding of each pouch into the target pitch on the cartoner or tray packer.

We aren't done yet! We are also working on the next generations that will provide:

  • Pouch conditioning - to smooth out pouch deformities that can come from bulk storage;

  • High speed feeding - to solve the aerodynamic issues of the products and insure against unfilled pitches;
  • Collated groupings - such as groups of 2 or 3 for variety packs;
  • USDA washdown - for feeding fresh or frozen meat patties;
  • Mini-pouch feeders - for a low cost option to replace manual opetations in the 10 to 30 part per minute range.

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